Users of Accounting Information

Different people involved in one business or the other will be interested in the accounting information of such business organizations. The accountant needs to take cognizance of the fact that various people will be interested in the accounts, hence he or she needs to prepare it in a manner that will present a true and fair view of the position of the business so as to satisfy the needs of various users.

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The following are users of Accounting Information:

Owners of the business:

The business owners want to be able to see whether or not the business is profitable. In addition, they want to know what the financial resources of the business are.

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Prospective Investor:

A person that wants to invest his money will like to ensure that their investments are secured and that a reasonable return will be made. It is the information from the financial statements that will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the organization to the prospective investor.

Prospective Buyer:

When the owners of a business organization want to sell the business or there is a takeover bid, the prospective buyer needs to carry out financial analysis of the organization using the company’s financial statements before making any financial commitment.

The Bank:

The bank will be interested in the financial information of an organization in case the bank wants to make banking transactions with them. These transactions may include the lending of money, importation of goods on behalf of the organization, among others.

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Tax Inspectors:

They are interested in the financial information of business organizations for the purpose of calculating the taxes payable.

Prospective Partner:

If the owner wants to admit a partner into the business, the would-be partner would want to assess the financial information in order to make a rational economic decision.

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