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Let us talk briefly about the Functions and Qualities of a Purchasing Manager. First of all, I will give you an easy-to-remember definition of who a Purchasing Manager is, the qualities which he or she must or should possess and the functions of a Purchasing Manager or purchasing department.

Who Is A Purchasing Manager?

A purchasing manager is a controller of purchasing department. He is someone that is responsible for the acquisition of goods, services and equipment to meet operational needs of the organization. He is also saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the goods or materials to be procured are of right quality, in the right quantity, at the right price, made available at the right time and from the right supplier.

Qualities of A Good Purchasing Manager?

A purchasing manager is expected to possess the following qualities or attributes:

  1. He must be good in oral and written communication.
  2. He must be well educated.
  3. He must be creative in thinking.
  4. He must abide by ethical principles.
  5. He must be open-minded.
  6. He must be willing to accept corrections and suggestions from others.
  7. He must be able to minimize the available resources.
  8. He must be able to use initiative to solve any problem.
  9. He must be able to adapt or adjust to the changing environment.
  10. He must be able to plan, organize and control his department.
  11. He must be able to select right supplier.
  12. He must be able to interact with other departments.
  13. He must be able to work without any form of threat or supervision.
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Functions of A Purchasing Manager or Department.

The functions of purchasing department or manager are as follows:

  1. Procurement of materials, equipment and other items needed in the organization.
  2. Selections of suppliers for the issue of enquires.
  3. Verification and passing of suppliers bills to see that payments are made promptly.
  4. The issue of purchase orders.
  5. Follow-up of purchase orders for delivery in due time.
  6. Maintenance of purchase records.
  7. Negotiation of contracts in terms of price, quality and quantity between the suppliers.
  8. Ensuring that goods bought are of the quality required.
  9. Development of reliable and alternate sources of supply.
  10. Correspondence and dealing with suppliers, carriers, etc. regarding shortage, rejection, etc. reported by the stores’ department.
  11. Maintaining cordial and harmonious relationship with other departments.
  12. Keep informed of current developments in the field of purchasing, prices, market conditions and new products.
  13. Supervise the inspection of all supplies, services and equipment purchased to ensure conformance specifications.
  14. Keeping various departments informed of the progress of their indents in case of delay in obtaining supplies.
  15. Issuing goods to the user and keeping a proper record.
  16. Evaluating of prices materials in order to maximize profit for the company.
  17. Handling of all paperwork involving purchasing and delivery of supplies materials.
  18. Ensuring that the company’s policies relating to their departments and organizations are strictly complied with, in accordance with the overall purchasing policy.
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