#1-10 Fragen und Antworten zur Finanzbuchhaltung

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1. Uncle Charles transfer his pickup van valued N117,675 to his business


2. The art of recording Business transaction so that financial positions of an undertaking and its relationship to both its proprietors and outside persons are duly communicated is called.


3. The collection of the balance in all the ledger account in one statement is referred to as


5. The purchase of a motor vehicle N2m is debited into a motor vehicle repairs account. This error is


6. The permanent and continuing diminution in the quality, quantity of value assets from any cause whatsoever is referred to as


8. In a circumstance, where the resources of other parties other than the Owners have been invested in the business we have.


9. Paid Jolape amount owed N3,600 less cash discount of 1%


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