10 frågor om bifogade böcker

Question 1

You are to enter up the sales journals for the following details. Post items to the relevant accounts in the sales ledger and then show the transfer to the sales account in the general ledger.


May 1             Credit Sales to C. Blessing N500

May 2             Credit Sales to S. Kris N2,000

May 10           Credit Sales to F. Motunrayo N1,500

May 30           Credit Sales to D. Joseph N6,000

Question 2

Adebowale Michael sells stationeries in a retail shop. The following return and allowances were made to his customers in the month of February, 20-8.

Feb. 10           Returns of 5 exercise books at N10 each by T. Salami

Feb. 15           Victoria returned 2 notebooks at N20

Feb. 20           Issued a credit note to T. Jacob for N15

Feb. 25           J. Teniola returned damaged ruler for N10

You are required to record the returns Inward journal and post the entries to the ledger.

Question 3

Enter the following transaction in the journals. Post the items to the relevant accounts in the debtors’ ledger and show the transfers to the general ledger.


June 1            Credit Sales to M. Peter N500, T. Okoro N300, and J. Bada N200

June 6            Credit Sales to T. Mohammed N250, J. Bankole N500

June 15         Goods returned to us by T. Smith N100, Joseph N150

June 20         Credit Sales to C. Oswald N250, C. Leonard N400

June 24         Good returned to us by C. Henry N50

June 30         Credit Sales to A. Augustine N200

Question 4

Michael Smith made the following credit purchases in the month of January, 20-8

Jan. 1                         From Arnold 4 bags of Gari at N1,000 each

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Jan. 5                         form Gabriel 3 bags of Rice at N1,500 each

Jan. 10                       from Ronaldo 7 tins of palm oil at N5000 each

Jan. 15                       from Navas 5 bags of beans at N800 each

Jan.  25                      From Taiwo 10 gallons of Groundnut oil at N600 each

Required to record the Journal and post the items to the relevant accounts in the ledger.

Question 5

Adebola made the following returns to his suppliers in January 2012

Jan. 10           Returned 10 empty crates of Coco-cola at N180 each J. Aduloju.

Jan 15            Returned damaged goods N500 to B. Obama

Jan 20            Returned 10 empty cartons of Maltina to Afolabi at bN80 each.

Jan 25            M. Obi allowed him N300 to repair damaged good supplier to him

Jan 30            sent a debit note to A. Musa for N700

Required:  Write up journal and post items to the ledger.

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Question 6

Record the following transactions in the relevant subsidiary books and post to the ledger.


Jan. 1             Credit purchase of good from J. Bassey N500, F. Bada N400

Jan 5              Return to J. Bassey N100

Jan.15            Credit purchase from T. Anyawu N250, C. Okoli N350

Jan. 20           Return to T. Anyanwu N50

Jan 28            Credit purchase from J. Bassey N450

Question 7

Enter up the purchase journal from the following details 2008

Nov 1             Goods bought on credit from T. Darlington N500

Nov 3              Bought form R. Deborah N1600; M. Fabiyi N900

Nov 5              Credit purchases from Q. Maureen N700; B. Cynthia N1, 550

Nov 10           Bought goods on credit from O. Kazeem N1320; C. Ayo N620

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Nov 16           Credit purchases from Govie N520; E Collins N1,220

Nov 23           Bought on credit from M. White N1, 170; S. Nwadike N1,350

Nov 27           Purchase goods on credit from O. Akemu N1, 170; S Owolabi N1,740

Nov 30           Credit purchase from A. Nwankwo N3,350

Question 8

Enter up the purchases Journal and Journal and returns outwards Journal from the following details. Then post to the suppliers accounts and show the transfers to the general


March 1          Bought goods on credit from O. Otovoh N2,790; M. Adwnuga N3,500

March 3          Credit purchase from I. Durotifa N1,620; T. Lawal

March 4          Goods returned by us to O.otovoh N390

March 7          Purchase goods on credit from A. Adio N2,920; S. Subuloye N1,950

March 10       Credit purchases from a.  Ehikeme  N1,000

March 15       Purchase goods from credit from Y. Okuneye N2,200

March 20       Purchase return to A. Ehikeme N1,000

March 24       Credit Purchase from P.obazele   N1,200

March 27       Returns Outwards to Y. Okuneye N200

March 31       Goods bought on Credit from O. Ekeinde N1,900

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Question 9

Enter up the purchase Journal and the returns outwards journal from the following details. Then post to the suppliers and show the transfers to the general ledger.


July 1             goods purchased on credit from U. Njikamma N1,750; T. Shoga N3,220; Ojiru  N2,220

July 3             Credit purchased from P. Ayo N1,220; z Ajayi N1,000; R. Ozomaro N1,500

July 7             Purchase return to T. Shoga N220; U Njikamma N350

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July 10           Purchase goods on Credit from O. Bakare N4,500; J. Uzo N3,320 J. Ezekiel N2,120

July 15           Bought goods on Credit from G. Ajayi N2,500

July 18           Return outwards to O. Bakare N300;  J. Uzoh N400

July 21           Credit Purchase from N. Osifo N2,730; V Onanuga N2,050

July 25           Credit Purchase from W. Westcoast N3,250; T Jamiu Ni270

July 28           Purchase returns to N. Sunday N700; W. Leonard N350

July 31           Credit Purchases from F. Ogunshola N2,310

Question 10

Enter up sales and purchase Journal and the Returns Inwards and Outwards Journal from the following details, then post to the customer’s and supplier account and show the transfer to the General ledger.


May 1             Credit sales to M. Ayodeji N3,000; T. Awe N4.300

May 3             Credit Purchases from Y. Ajunmobi N4000; Q Samson N650

May 5             Returns Inwards from M. Ayodeji 250, T. Awe N500

May 10           Bought goods on Credit from E. Bada N3, 400

May 13           Return Outwards to E. Bada N200

May 16           Credit sale to S. Akinotan N5,700 N. Osifo N4,700

May 20           Goods bought on Credit from N. Akin N500

May 26           Goods Return by us to N. Akin N500

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