Cash Flow Quadrant – Financial Freedom

“I WANT FINANCIAL FREEDOM!…” Every individual in this world falls on either side of this quadrant which I call the four legal ways to make money. In this article, you’ll learn how to attain financial freedom, you’ll discover how to move from the left to the right side of the quadrant model and also work less, earn more, pay fewer taxes and have more free time to spend with your loved ones. But first of all, let me explain what the acronyms E-S-B-I means.

Cash Flow Quadrant – A Guide to Financial Freedom

E – Employee

S – Self-employed

B – Business Owner

I – Investors

The Big Question is, where do I fall in? Hmm… Let’s go into details


A person who is paid to work for somebody. Do you know that as an employee the three best personal assets given to you by God is been taken away from you? (I know you are asking yourself how)

Well, you can always get a job. But you can’t always find financial freedom. The gift of TIME, KNOWLEDGE, and STRENGTH gave to you is been manipulated here and even with conditions that you must adhere to.

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You wake up so early to bit traffic and get to the office, you put in your expertise to make the company grow and avoid being fired, you work tirelessly to ensure the organization’s goals or target are met or achieved.

I’m not telling you not to do all these and more where you work but I want you to know that “Money supports life. Don’t spend your entire life working so hard for it”. You only have so many hours in a day and you can only work so hard. So why work hard for the money? Learn to have money and people work hard for you, and you can be free to do the things that are important.


Working for yourself and not employed by a company. Here you need to have the ability to stand the pressure and possess some technical IQ. Most self-employed ends up being an employee because of the inability to think strategically about expanding and managing their resources (money and people).

If you want to be a leader of people, you need to be a master of words and bear in mind that if you see yourself as the best at what you do when you can’t move further because you see only your idea(s) as the best.

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So, let me help you out. Why not think about becoming a BUSINESS OWNER and AN INVESTOR… Let’s proceed.

NOTE: 95% 0f the world’s population are either employed or self-employed. The real beings are the business owners and investors. Let me blow your mind right now.

Business Owners.

A lot of people mistakes TRADING for BUSINESS OWNERS.  To become a business owner, you must be an individual who works at a high level, you must be skilful in business and financial matters and be able to get people tempted to work hard for you by giving you their time, strength and knowledge. Business owners have a great workforce, they have a system of operation and they leverage on people’s ability. They believe in Network Marketing and even franchising and are determined, goal oriented and focused.

Think like one and STAY FOCUSED. Read further on Personal Development Training.


Someone who buys shares in a company or spend money on something in order to make it better or more successful and make money from it.

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They don’t borrow money to buy shares, they don’t invest all they have and they can bear the loss if any arises and move on with their day to day activities while money comes in regularly and works for them.

To be an investor you need to understand:

  • A risk is something you can manage, control, minimize, or even eliminate.
  • You have to first mind your own business. A successful investor gets his training from running his own business.
  • Freedom comes at a price. You will learn by making mistakes, sometimes costing you millions.
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