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Cleaning jobs in the UK is one of the jobs you can get in the UK that offers very flexible working hours which pay quite handsomely compared to other third world countries.

If you are thinking of coming to the UK to work under a temporary visa, getting a cleaning job would be the best fit for you.

In this article, we would be looking at what it takes to get cleaning jobs in the UK, the requirements, and salary expectations. Here is the breakdown of what we would be discussing in this article:

  • Requirements for Cleaning Jobs in the UK
  • Top 10 Cleaning Jobs in the UK and their Salaries
  • How to Apply

Requirements for Cleaning Jobs in the UK

Getting cleaning jobs in the UK would require you to have certain requirements before your potential employer can offer you such jobs.

These requirements can tend to be stricter even for employers willing to offer you visa sponsorships.

Such requirements are:

  1. You must be eligible to travel to the UK: Validating your eligibility to travel is essential before beginning your job application. There are some individuals and countries that have been restricted from applying for jobs in certain countries. So first check your country’s eligibility status from any UK Government website.
  2. No criminal records
  3. Must hold a minimum of a high school certificate or UK equivalent
  4. Must be above the age of 18
  5. Must be eligible for UK visas

Top 10 Cleaning Jobs in the UK and their Salaries

Below are the top 10 cleaning jobs in the UK that you can do as an immigrant with their salary expectation.


Housekeeping jobs in the UK are one of the most in-demand jobs for cleaners in the UK. There are demands for room cleaners either for full-time or part-time job roles in the UK.

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You earn an average salary of £12.20 per hour. And if you would be working for 4 hours daily you could earn about £48 – £50 daily.

You could earn a monthly salary of about £1,450 depending on your work schedule and clientele.

Hotel Room Attendant

These categories of job roles are people who attend to cleaning hotel rooms. They work for the hotel and receive their salaries on either a monthly basis or hourly.

Judging by the number of hotel facilities available in a particular area or city, you could get a decent amount working as a hotel room attendant.

Your average hourly pay is from £10 – £40. This however is depending on the type of hotel you are working for.

Your average monthly salary should be from £1,500 – £3,500.

Office Cleaner

Office cleaners are cleaners that work in the office, making sure the office is clean and tidy. You would be expected to work part-time as they mostly don’t require your services the whole hour of the day.

Office cleaners earn an average hourly income of £11.05 and on a monthly basis about £1,350. This position would require you to have experience in cleaning.

Housekeeping Supervisor

Working as a housekeeping Supervisor, you would be expected to supervise the cleaning workers when they are performing their duties.

To hold this job role, you would need to have experience in the field with a minimum of 3-4 years of experience.

You can expect to earn a yearly salary of about £25,000 to £30,000. This has the potential to be higher depending on your level of experience.

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Cleaning Operative

Working in this field, you would be tasked with cleaning either the home or office. This job role comes with a lot of benefits.

You can expect to be paid an average hourly wage of £10 to £13. Working a 4 hours shift you can earn a daily income of about £52 and £1,560 monthly.

Companies that hire foreigners to fill this role in the UK require you to have experience in the job role.

Spa Attendant

You would be in charge of cleaning and maintaining the changing rooms, cleaning the sandals of people and cleaning the spa equipment when the spa specialist is done using them.

You would also be responsible for retrieving/delivering linens to and from the laundry facility. Spa attendants earn an average of £22,300 yearly.

Domestic Cleaner

Domestic cleaners are cleaners that perform all manner of cleaning such as commercial cleaning, regular domestic cleaning, end of tenancy, pre-tenancy, and many more.

You would mostly be working part-time as your services are only required when the need arises. You can expect to earn from £10 to £12 per hour.

This should result in about £1,440 monthly. Companies like Elle and Kays Ltd are currently hiring individuals for this job role.

Maintenance Assistant

This job role requires you to work full-time. You would be in charge of maintaining the integrity of appliances either in the home, offices, or warehouse.

You would be required to report any sort of issues or complaints about a particular piece of equipment. In this job role, you can earn from £25,000 to £27,000 yearly.

Maintenance assistant is one of the most in-demand cleaning jobs in the UK.

Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor

Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor keeps in check the activities of hotel cleaners performing their duties. This is a part-time job role and you can earn an average of about £12 hourly.

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For a monthly salary, you could earn an average of about £1,450 to £1,550.

Personal Assistant

Working as a personal assistant doesn’t necessarily have you cleaning the office or environment, but you would be required to perform basic cleaning activities as directed by your employer.

This is a full-time job role in which you can earn an average of £1,500 and £2,000 monthly. Visit this site on how to proceed to apply for this job role.

How to Apply

The first step to getting cleaning jobs in the UK is making sure you are eligible to work in the UK. Once you have applied and gotten the job, you can then apply for a work visa. Once you meet all the requirements, you would be given a work visa to work in the UK.

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