De beste levensverzekeringen voor jou in 2023

Life insurance policies could be a good way to safeguard your family or leave a heritage. It will reduce ceremonial expenses, medical bills, or long prices like mortgage payments while your estate is sorted out.

But the trail to obtaining life assurance will vary. we tend to explore choices for young and healthy people trying to find fast coverage online, associated with those over fifty or in poor health United Nations agency ought to work with an agent to urge the coverage they have.

In 2020, fifty-four of USA citizens square measure insured, down from fifty-seven in 2019, with one in three families remaining uninsurable. 66 US citizens, or a pair of three people, get life assurance to transfer wealth to different generations

Below square measure a number of the best possible life assurance corporations you’ll be able to get life assurance from.

Below are some of the very best life insurance companies you can buy life insurance from.




New York Life

Northwestern Mutual

State Farm Life


Guardian has a diverse lineup of whole life insurance policies, including a survivorship policy that insures two people — typically spouses.

You can choose a policy with level premiums, or a “limited payment” policy that allows you to pay off your policy in 10, 15, or 20 years.

After that, there’s no cost to keep your coverage.

The company also offers life insurance policies for people living with HIV. To qualify for these term and whole-life policies, you must prove you’re under a specialist’s care and successfully receiving antiretroviral therapy.

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Plus, the insurer offers a range of riders, such as a disability waiver of premium, long-term care, and an index participation feature or IPF rider.

The IPF rider allows you to link a portion of your cash value to the performance of the S&P 500 Price Return Index, and any profits are paid out in dividends.

While Guardian doesn’t guarantee dividends, it has paid them out to its permanent policyholders every year since 1868, and it will pay $1.13 billion in 2022


MassMutual encompasses a string of whole-life policies to settle on, all of that earn money worth at a generous set charge per unit of four-dimensional (up to age 100).

Depending on your policy, you may be able to customize your coverage with varied riders. These embrace a long-care rider and a yearly term purchase rider, which permits you to direct your dividend payments toward a term life assurance policy.

As a permanent client, you’re eligible to receive dividends supported by the insurer’s profits. MassMutual estimates it’ll disburse nearly $1.9 billion to its permanent policyholders in 2023. it’s a minimum coverage of concerning $25,000, or $100,000 for heritage HECV.


AARP makes it simple for its members and their families to get whole-life assurance. the association offers 2 whole-life policies, neither of which needs you to endure a physical.

The company sells a customary whole-life policy similar to warranted acceptance life assurance, each of that is receptive to association members similarly to their spouses.

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You can purchase a policy value of up to $50,000 online, however, you absolve to contact big apple Life if you wish for a lot of coverage. $1,000 for the warranted acceptance policy; $1,500 for the quality whole life policy.

To apply for the essential whole life policy, you’ll fill out a form concerning your health and mode. The warranted acceptance policy skips each examination and form.

New York Life

New York Life sells 2 whole-life policies, together with a custom policy that gives flexibility with premium payments.

You can value more highly to pay off your policy in as very little as 5 years or schedule the temporal arrangement and quantity of your payments to suit you.

The insurance company offers a range of life assurance riders, like a chronic care rider, relinquishing of premium rider, and accelerated benefit.

As a mutual company, big apple Life is about to disburse $1.9 billion in dividends to its policyholders in 2022 with a minimum coverage of concerning $25,000.

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual sells one whole life policy with varied payment choices. you’ll be able to value more highly to pay premiums for fifteen, twenty, or twenty-five years, or till you reach age sixty-five or a hundred.

The insurance company offers versatile coverage beginning at $50,000 and increasing to $70 million for eligible candidates.

To enhance your coverage, you’ll be able to add riders to your policy, like an accelerated benefit that pays out some of your payouts if you would like long care.

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There’s additionally a further purchase profit rider that enables you to increase your coverage at a later date while not taking another life assurance medical checkup.

Northwestern Mutual could be a mutual company, one of the biggest individual life insurers within the U.S. and it’s set to disburse $6.8 billion in dividends in 2023.

State Farm Life

Coverage starts at $10,000 for many whole-life policies. And if you’re healthy, age eighteen to fifty, and applying for a policy valued at $100,000 to $1 million.

State Farm may fast-track your application and issue your policy while not the requirement for a medical checkup.

If you strictly need to hide your own ceremonial, burial, and end-of-life expenses, the insurance company offers a final expense policy to candidates ages fifty to eighty (50 to seventy-five in New York).

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