Emplois de manutentionnaires dans les entrepôts aux États-Unis avec parrainage de visa

Are you looking for information on warehouse package handler jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship? You are in the right place. In this article, you would come to understand that you can work warehouse package handler jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship.

In the USA, there are so many companies giving out jobs with visa sponsorship for immigrants to apply for. This visa sponsorship for a warehouse package handler job is open to everyone outside the United States. But in a case whereby your country or the county you are in is not eligible for it, you cannot apply for it

Before we delve into the discussion for this article, let’s see the breakdown of everything we would be going through.

  • Warehouse package handler
  • Salary Structure for warehouse package handler jobs in the USA
  • Warehouse package handler jobs in the United States
  • Companies offering warehouse package jobs in the USA
  • How to Apply

Warehouse package handler

Warehouse package handlers are a set of people who supervise a warehouse package and also handle responsibilities.

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Arranging packages, coordinating, supervising the import and export of packages, and much more are part of your responsibilities.

More so, when you apply for a Ware House Package Handler job in the United States with visa sponsorship and get approved, you can earn so much.

You can earn up to $27 per hour and a large sum of money as your salary yearly in this job. Depending on what job you apply for and which company you apply with, you can get to enjoy more earnings. It also helps to improve the working experience and social life.

Salary Structure for a warehouse package handler in the United States

In this section, we would be looking at some of the warehouse packaging jobs in the United States and their average salaries. It is essential to understand what type of warehouse packaging jobs you would be applying for and how much you stand to earn.

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Some are paid on a daily basis while some may be paid on a monthly basis. This all depends solely on the type of job and also on the company you are working for.

EmploisMonthly Salaries
Receiving Manager$3,000 – $4,600
Ware house attendant$2,000 – $3,000
Material handler$3,600 – $4,200
General warehouse associate$3,500 – 4,000
Ware house operator forklift$3,500 – $4,500
Entry-level operation support team$4,000 – $4,500

Warehouse package handler jobs in the United States

From the table above, you can see some of the warehouse package handler jobs in the United States and their salaries. In this section, we would be looking at some of the various types of jobs aside from the ones listed above that you can apply for.

  • Warehouse utility person
  • Ramp & warehouse agents
  • Cargo agent (A3)
  • Air Import customer service agent
  • Warehouse administrative specialist
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Loader extraction plant (BHE GT&S)
  • Manager, Manhattan Warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Cloud data engineer- Ford Pro
  • Receiving clerk in these positions and how you can apply for them.
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Companies offering warehouse package handler jobs in the USA.

UlinePleasant Prairie, WI
Cornell universityIthaca
Royal Oak enterprise, LLCWest Plains
GrovTec US, Inc.Wood Village
Ford motor companyRemote in Dearborn, MI
SS white technologies, Inc.Saint Petersburg
Yakima Medical- Dental ClinicYakima
Vernus TechnologiesGrand Rapids
DHLCarolina, PR
Four seasonsNashville, TN
John DeereDavenport
Siemens EnergyMount Pleasant

The companies listed above are the top 12 companies offering Warehouse Package Handler Jobs within the USA Visa Sponsorships.

How to Apply

In order to apply, visit the following websites below to also get information on requirements and qualifications:

  • Jooble 
  • En effet
  • ZipRecruiter
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