Ist Management eine Kunst oder eine Wissenschaft?

Is Management an Art or Science?

Students always ask this question, Is management an Art or Science? In this article, we will consider some factors that classify management as an art and also management as a science.

In the words of LUTHER GULLICK, management is regarded as a science because it involves a systematic principle which can be applied in all management situations. On the other hand, MARY PARKER FOLLET said that management is an art because it involves the practical knowledge and skills of an individual in taking a managerial decision.

For a better understanding, let see the distinction between the two as follows:-

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Management is a Science because:

  1. It involves scientific techniques in all aspects of a situation.
  2. It uses a step by step control procedure.
  3. It determines the cause and effect relationship between two or more variables.
  4. It can be universally applied.
  5. It teaches to the know-how of doing things.

Management is an Art because:

  1. It involves personalized knowledge and skill in all aspects of a situation.
  2. It depends on human common sense and understanding.
  3. It cannot determine the cause and effect relationship between variable factors.
  4. It cannot be universally applied.
  5. It teaches to do know-how of doing things.

The above-mentioned points clearly reveal that management is both an art and science. Management is an art because it involves the application of personal knowledge and skills in the daily activity of an enterprise towards achieving the desired result. Management is also called a science because it utilizes an organized body of knowledge in arriving at a decision.

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For a manager to be successful in his profession, he must acquire the knowledge of science and art. For example, he must know the principles underlying management and have the ability to put those principles into practice through the personalized skill and knowledge in solving managerial problems in all aspect of the situations.



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