Jobs in den USA ohne Arbeitsgenehmigung für Ausländer - Jetzt bewerben

This article will list jobs in the USA and Canada that do not require a work permit. Many immigrants have come to Canada with the hope of finding work and living. However, some specific requirements and protocols can be applied to them. If you are already here, you may be interested in finding out about Canada’s jobs without a permit.

These are jobs you can do without a permit or work visa. This article will tell you about 20 jobs that aren’t required a work permit. Every year, more than 250,000 immigrants apply for work in Canada. About 45% of these immigrants successfully apply for jobs in Canada or Jobs in the USA

Knowing the correct procedures and jobs that don’t require a work permit is crucial. Foreign workers can seek employment in Canada if they can work in these jobs.

  • Military Personnel
  • Business Visitor
  • Foreign Representatives
  • Athletes
  • Campus worker
  • Entertain Artist
  • Foreign Government Officers
  • Clergy
  • Judges
  • Examiners
  • Health Care Students
  • Public speakers
  • Convention Organizers
  • News Reporter
  • Investigators
  • Civil Aviation Inspectors
  • Crew
  • Providers of emergency services
  • Agriculture Work
  • Aviation Accident Inspector

These are the jobs you can do in Canada without a work visa. We will discuss some of these jobs and all you need to know.

Military Personnel

Military personnel is government officials from a country who have assumed an official role in serving their country. As long as they’re doing their country, all Military personnel can come to Canada without a work permit.

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This privilege is defined under the Visiting Forces Act. This work exemption protocol only applies to military personnel and not to “military attaches” employed by diplomatic missions.


International or -based professional athletes can participate in any Canadian sporting event as an individual or team without a work permit. Coaches, trainers, or other team members are all eligible.

These athletes’ spouses and family members must have valid work visas to be allowed to work in Canada.

Convention Organizers

Individuals who organize events at specific locations for different purposes are convention organizers. This is the staff or individuals who manage a Canadian convention. They do not need a work permit. These events can only be governed by the following:

  • Corporate meetings
  • Association meetings
  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  • Consumers exhibitions

These exemptions are not available to other workers and hands-on organizers such as those who handle lights, visuals, or installation. To work in Canada, they must have a valid work visa. The organizers usually hold these protocols.


Canada may allow judges to work without a permit if they are involved with the following:

  • International cultural contest
  • Agricultural contest
  • International amateur sports contest

Public speakers

You can categorize public speakers as either speaker for specific events, commercial speakers, or speakers at seminars. These talks can be hosted in Canada by this category of individuals without requiring a work visa.

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This has a downside: they can only work in Canada for a maximum of 5 days.


If their work is limited to preaching the Word, presiding at religious events, or giving spiritual guidance, clergy are exempt from the requirement for a work permit.

You must provide the following evidence if you plan to travel to Canada in this category:

  • Evidence of religious employment
  • Existence of the body that offers the job to your
  • The ability of clergy to fulfill their duties is evidence


The privilege to enter Canada is granted to highly-respected and well-known Examiners. This includes professors and researchers entering Canada on official academic duties.

They might be asked to evaluate student papers or research proposals.


You don’t need a Canadian visa to enter Canada to work as an investigator if you will be performing the following duties:

  • Surveys and analysis
  • Canada: Searching for an expert witness in a court of law

Providers of emergency services

Some people come to Canada solely to provide certain services. These are examples of such people:

  • Doctors
  • Appraisers
  • Insurance adjusters licensed
  • Staff in the medical field

These four individuals don’t require a Canadian work visa because their work is often an emergency.

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Agriculture Work

A person can work on a farm without needing a permit, provided the farm work isn’t a paid venture or voluntary service. You are not coming to Canada for farming.

The agricultural farm work should not be considered commercial. Non-commercial farms are farms where the owner invests the most capital and does most of the work. The product is used to support the family’s basic needs.

Implied Status – Jobs in the USA without work Permit for Foreigners

Workers are allowed to work in Canada even if their current work permit has expired. The worker would need to leave Canada if the work permit application is denied.

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